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Enhancing incident management procedures with new online capabilities.

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What is Atlas?

How does it work?

Atlas is a software application that runs on the Web, iPhone, Android and Blackberry. It helps public and private organizations manage their incidents. It gives instant access to emergency procedures, site maps, incident support documents, communication plans, emergency equipment and post incident procedures.

Each procedure consists of categories, sub-categories and topics. Each topic contains a mixture of text, video, PDFs, checklists and quizzes. Employees are able to find and access the information they need quickly when they need it. In addition to quick information retrieval, users are also able to study, perform checklists, watch videos and do quizzes – all from the convenience and accessibility of their mobile device.

Each procedure can be customized to meet the unique requirements of each client.


Many features to help you along your way

Binders don't work

With Atlas, everybody can access their own plan on their own device wherever they are whenever an incident occurs.

Natural Hierarchy

The human brain organizes information hierarchically. Atlas displays all procedure information in a clean hierarchical format so that employees can process, learn and retain information much better.

4 Clicks!

Our app allows employees access to information in 4 clicks or less.


Executives, managers and other stakeholders can run reports on employee usage, information retention, actions and more.


Our network goes beyond the industry standard of encryption and security best practices in order to keep your information safe. All our accounts are secured with 2048-bit SSL encryption by default.

Administrative Area

Managers and other admin staff are able to access an administrative area in order to manage users, create and edit procedures, view reports and more.